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Budowy ciała wymaga wiele godzin spójnych treningów. Wyniki często biorą wieki zanim są one widoczne. Wielu ludzi kończy się rezygnację z ich celów kulturystycznych po prostu z powodu powolnych rezultatów. Dlatego wielu sportowców i kulturystów, uciekają się do sterydów, bez względu na zagrożenia, jakie narażają się. Na szczęście, Szalony Luzem został wynalezienie alternatyw prawnych do tych sterydów.

Anvarol jest jednym z tych bezpiecznych i prawnych suplementów. Przypomina Anavar w imieniu i funkcjonalności. Anavar steryd został znakomicie wykorzystywane wyciąć tłuszcz, zwiększyć masę i podniesienie poziomu energii. Mimo że jest bardzo skuteczna, steryd anaboliczny została powiązana z wielu niebezpiecznych skutków ubocznych. Ponadto, jest teraz nielegalne w większości krajów. Aby dostać, trzeba przejść przez czarny rynek.

Co jest Anvarol?

Anvarol Przegląd |  Muscle Builder, Performance Enhancer

Anvarol was created by Crazy Bulk. It is intended to help in cutting cycles, retention of lean muscle, and the gaining of strength. It also increases energy levels in users. The supplement is meant to work just like Anavar, although without the side effects. It can be used by both men and women.

Anvarol Ingredients

To understand how safe and effective this supplement is, you need to consider the ingredients used. Here are the active ingredients in Anvarol:

  • Phosphocreatine

This is the main ingredient used in manufacturing Anvarol. It is meant to boost the level of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the body. ATP supplies your muscles with energy to perform at their peak throughout your workout period. Each pill of Anvarol contains 40mg of this ingredient.

  • Wild Yam Root

Wild yam root extract is a well-known testosterone booster. It is actually used on its own to increase testosterone levels. Higher levels of this hormone will give your body more energy. Because of this, you will be able to burn more fat faster. Also, you will be able to spend more time in the gym.

  • BCAAs

Branched chain amino acids help in recovery after strenuous workouts. They are necessary for muscle growth and repair. In the cutting cycle, this ingredient will help to ensure that muscles are not broken down along with fat. Higher ATP levels also increase the lean muscle breakdown during the cutting cycle. BCAAs help to reduce the risk of losing your lean muscles. Also, they reduce the recovery time, making it possible for you to work out harder and longer.

  • Soy and Whey Protein

It is necessary to feed your muscles on protein if you want them to grow. These ingredients help to provide the building blocks of the muscles. That said, you should still follow a proper bodybuilding plan.

Anvarol Side Effects

The supplement is made of safe and legal ingredients, so you should not expect to experience any side effects. Users have not reported any side effects so far. On the contrary, many people have reported great experiences with the supplement. That said, it is important to stick to the recommended dosage. Otherwise, you are likely to experience some unwanted side effects.

How does Anvarol Work?

Anavarol is designed to work as effectively as Anavar. However, the exact mechanisms of these two steroids are quite different.

The body naturally produces ATP, and this serves to provide the muscles with energy. After some time of working out, the ATP in your body will be excessively consumed and you will get tired. This supplement is meant to provide your body with phosphocreatine, and this helps in preventing fatigue during workouts.

Also, the Anvarol pills contain testosterone boosters that supply the body with energy. This helps you spend more time working out and also raises your basal metabolism rate. As a result, you will be able to burn fat much faster.

The supplement works quite fast. In most users, results appear within the first 30 days of taking the pills.

Benefits of Anvarol

  • It is easy to acquire since you don’t have to dig into the black market
  • It is safe and will not lead to the development of side effects
  • It is legal
  • It works effectively in boosting energy during workouts
  • It also reduces recovery time since it contains ingredients that build and repair muscles in the body quickly
  • It helps in increasing strength
  • It raises testosterone levels
  • It is manufactured by a known and trusted company
  • It comes in the form of pills, meaning you will not need needles to inject the supplement
  • No prescriptions are necessary to purchase the supplement
  • It can be shipped all around the world
  • The supplement helps you achieve your bodybuilding goals fast. You should expect to notice changes within 30 days of using the product.

Cons of Anvarol

  • It is very expensive
  • It is possible to experience side effects if you exceed the recommended dosage

How to take Anvarol

The pills are sold in bottles. Each bottle contains 30 pills. You are supposed to take 3 capsules every day with water, ideally 15 minutes before your workouts. This should go on for a minimum of 2 months. After 2 months of use, you can take a 1.5-month break.

You can stack the supplement with other safe and legal steroids manufactured by Crazy Bulk. Ideally, the stack should include Clenbutrol, Winsol, and Trenorol. This stack can help you experience faster and better results. As mentioned before, you will pay less money per bottle if you choose to go for the stacks as opposed to the individual supplements.

In addition to working out consistently, you should make sure you eat a proper diet. Otherwise, Anvarol will not deliver the expected results.

Anvarol Before After Results

John Miller: He selected the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack (Testo-Max, Anvarol, Winsol, and Clenbutrol) for 60 days to get rid of the abdominal fat, and improved solid lean muscle, wider chest, and also strength.

Anvarol Wyniki

Mike : “I started feeling stronger and more energetic the day I started taking my tablets. The stubborn belly fat I had been fighting against for so long started meting away instantly – by the end of the two-month cure, my abdomen looked flatter and more muscular than ever.” 

Sheena :  “I thought that these pills are only for men, but someone told me they are efficient for women, too, so I decided to give them a try. I measured my waste after the second week from having taken the first tablet and it was down more than an inch. I experienced no side effects  while I was taking it and now I do have the body I have always wanted.” 

Where to Buy Anvarol

Like all other Crazy Bulk supplements, this one is only available through their website. They don’t have any retail distributors of the pills, and this will help you save some money. If you choose to make your purchase on their website, you will also be able to access their generous discounts. In addition, the company offers free shipping to all countries in the world. Customers located in the USA or Europe can get the products shipped for free.

Another advantage of purchasing the product through the Crazy Bulk’s website is the fact that they give offers on stacking plans. They also offer advice on how to take the pills as part of a stack. The manufacturer will ship the pills to any part of the world.

Presently, the supplement is sold at $54.99 per bottle. If you buy 2 bottles, you will get an extra one for free. You can get part of the cost slashed off even further by using their coupon codes.



Anvarol is a great bodybuilding supplement that was invented by Crazy Bulk. It helps in cutting weight, increasing energy levels, and improving vascularization. The manufacturer designed it to work just like the banned Anavar steroid. However, it is made of safe and legal ingredients and will not lead to the development of any side effects.

Dodatek jest dostępny jedynie za pośrednictwem strony internetowej luzem do szału. Chociaż jest kosztowne, można dostać się do przeżyć rezultaty w ciągu zaledwie 30 dni. Oznacza to, że otrzymasz jakość za rozsądną cenę. Aby doświadczyć jeszcze lepsze wyniki, można wziąć Anvarol jako część stosu.

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